Painting strategies that will result in a buyer saying “Yes”

Just about every home seller knows that a fresh coat of paint is one of the most inexpensive fixes you can do to perk up your home. Making a good first impression is so important partly because a potential buyer won’t spend long looking at your home if it appears that it is dirty or in bad shape. One of the easiest and most dramatic ways to enhance that first impression is through paint. A few key tips can help you make the most of your painting budget.


1. Repaint your door

Brightly coloured doors are often charming and frequently appear on design blogs and Pinterest. However, there is a risk here when reselling, some people may not like the colour and that could put them off your home. One way to be more secure about your choice is to check out your neighborhood. What colours are others using? You can also check houses for sale in the area online in order to get more ideas. Also, if you are in a development with a homeowners association there may be some rules about what you can and can’t do in terms of colour.  If you are repainting your door, make sure to use an outdoor paint that can weather the elements.


2. Touch up the trim

Peeling or faded exterior trim on your home will send a measure that the home isn’t well maintained. Newly painted trim can also make it appear as if the entire exterior has been freshened up. Make sure to do to wash and patch first so that the overall finish is smooth and clean.


3. Prep work makes great work

A sloppy paint job can be worse than no paint job at all. All walls should be patched, smoothed and taped before painting begins and drop cloths should be spread over all exposed surfaces. Even if the trim is a similar colour to the rest of the wall, use trim paint for the trim and paint it separately. Make sure to wait between coats and touch up any missed or thin spots.


4. Go neutral

As with doors, vivid colours delight design bloggers but don’t necessarily resonate with potential homeowners. Buyers want to imagine your home as a blank canvas for their own vision. Ivory, white, and pale beige not only won’t clash with your buyer’s furniture but they will also help amplify the experience of light and space in the home.


5. Green it up

One way to help your home go green and appeal to sellers is to use a low or non VOC paint indoors.  VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. These compounds contribute to ozone and smog formation and are linked to respiratory illnesses. That new paint smell often gives people headaches. If you use an eco-friendly paint be sure to mention it in your listing description. Buyers, especially those who are chemically sensitive or have young children, will often look favorably upon this feature.