Selling your home in the hot fall market

There is a misconception that selling in the fall is just “not a good time.” In our experience, fall is a great time to sell! We typically are as busy staging from late August right up to Christmas, as we are in the spring! Staged homes sell very quickly, and we are typically run off our feet! In fact, many buyers are looking to make a move before it snows, so they can be settled into their new homes for the winter. So why the misconception about selling in the fall?

Many people believe buyers want to be settled in their new homes for September when the kiddos start school. This is true for some families, however, as long as they are staying in the same school zone or division, they can relocate at any time of the year with few, if any, consequences on school.

Timing plays a big part of when a family chooses to sell. If they have busy careers, multiple kids in multiple sports all winter long, it is often much easier, and less stressful, to get the home ready for sale during the summer. Summer schedules are often more relaxed, and we often take
vacation time which allows us a few extra days to get through those projects necessary to get our homes ready for sale. The leisurely pace of summer has saved many a client from having meltdowns trying desperately to get in the decluttering and cleaning necessary to get a home ready for market in between busy work, hockey, dance, and soccer schedules. The relief when a client learns they can take the summer to prep and list in September goes a long way to establishing a healthy client relationship.

When selling in the fall, you want to ensure you stay on top of the yard work. If flowers have frozen and are dead – remove them and weed flower beds. Clean falling leaves frequently. We all understand it is fall. However, when there is a mountain of leaves on the front walk it just tells buyers you don’t stay on top of maintenance. Get an inexpensive leaf blower. They’re quick, easy and effective for those last minute showings.

Fall flowers add beautiful colour and welcome buyers to your home. Garden centers are full of potted mums this time of the year and they withstand the cold better than typical annuals.  Clean gutters to ensure proper drainage. There is nothing worse than rain spilling over the eavestroughs onto buyer’s heads
because the eaves are plugged with leaves. No time for this maintenance? There are companies that will clean your eavestroughs at a minimal cost.

We love using the beautiful colours of fall as accent colours in our designs this time of the year! Orange, rust, gold and reds look beautiful this time of the year. It brings a bit of the outside in and gives a rich luxurious feel to any space. Natural elements are very popular in design and they just seem so much more appropriate in the fall. Wood framed mirrors, raw edge wooden tables, candle holders and so many more options to play with. When staging bedrooms, using a nice warm cozy fur throw just sends the message of how inviting and cozy this space is on a cold winters day! Mix your colours and textures to create a design that tantalizes the senses. Have fun with it!

One important detail to keep in mind when showcasing any space. LESS IS MORE! Do not overdo a space. Too much décor becomes distracting and the buyer will not see the home — they will be distracted by the décor. It is crucial to decorate the space enough for it to look great without over doing it! Décor is in place to showcase the space not the other way around! You want buyers to remember the space and how fabulous it was! You don’t want buyers so overwhelmed with décor that they do not remember the actual space.

There is a very fine line between enough and too much. Stand back once you have a space set up and really look at the space. If it seems to flow well together — perfect! If you find your eye is drawn to too many things — it is too much! Time to remove a few things until it is the space that stands out and not the décor.

Think of a specialty store, that has too many things to really be able to see something that you like. Most people walk in, are overwhelmed and walk out without buying. The same thing happens when showing your home. Whether it is cluttered with personal items or too much décor – the result is the same. Buyers walk in, are overwhelmed with stuff and walk out.  This is not the reaction you want in showings. You want buyers to fall in love with a space and instantly imagine themselves living there!

Fall is many people’s favorite time of the year. Crisp fall air, beautiful colours of nature, cozy fall clothing! Enjoy the season!