Ensure design complements the space

Whether staging for sale or decorating for a living, the best design always works beautifully with the space. There are many things to consider when planning a space. Anything from your floor plan, traffic flow, function of the space, to the unique architectural style of a building. Everything must come together in a perfectly executed design. This takes time, planning and knowledge. There are a number of things we consider when designing a space.

Sometimes when we are staging for sale, we are given very little notice. That is why it is critical for us to stock a wide assortment of furniture and décor styles. We need to have most colours, styles and décor trends available. We work hard to bring out the best of a space, whether it is a turn-of-the-century home, brand new build, or an industrial loft. We need to be able to blend items to achieve a look that is cohesive with the space we are staging. This ensures our designs are unique and memorable.

When we are given short notice on a stage job, we can still put together a great design from the excellent selection we have in stock. However, the more time you give us, the better the design can be! We often reserve stock well in advance when I know I have a specific project that requires a unique look.


Industrial Loft
We recently staged a stunning industrial loft. It had been on the market for 3 months with no offers. It sold one week after staging! We worked hard at pulling in the beautiful colours and architectural detail of the space and incorporating it into the design. The final result was a stunning space that had buyers sold!

When we are working with a design client, the only limit is the budget and the property. As with staging, we respect the unique architectural style of the property.

However, there are countless ideas we can present for a unique look that is sure to inspire envy in your most décor savvy friends! When we work with a space, the function and who uses the space and for what purpose becomes paramount to the design. We want to ensure the space not only looks fabulous but also works for you and your family. Furniture size, style and placement are all planned around the focal point(s) in the room.


Open Concept Spaces
In the loft condo, we used the overhead beam as a natural separation between the two functions in the space – dining and living room. One of the biggest challenges for people is open concept spaces. Open concept spaces have subtle nuances that divide the space and help you plan a functional floor plan. It is a simple matter of knowing what to look for and maximizing the functional floor plan while maintaining those extra punches of impact that emphasize a stunning design.

Having the right blend of style, furniture, colours, and décor is the finishing touch that gives any room that “statement.” One large piece of stunning artwork will often work better and have more of an impact than a collection of smaller ones. In design, we often say less is more. However, we strategically select high impact items to ensure a stunning finished product!


Room Flow
The most successful designs take into account natural walkways through the space, so the room flows easily. This is a subconscious assessment of a space. If it flows naturally and easily, we are comfortable. If it does not flow well, we know something is off, even if we do not know what is “off”. An excess of décor becomes too busy and leaves a space feeling cluttered. A perfect balance is necessary for the best effect.

When decorating custom projects for clients, I am often asked what I like. The answer is simple: It doesn’t matter! It’s not my space! It is your space and the only thing that matters is what you love! You will be the one to wake up every day and see the space. I want you to walk in every day and smile because love the space you are in!!

We work hard to help you define your own special décor style and surround you with what makes you feel great about your space. My job is to interpret your likes and dislikes, your dream space and the colours that you love and blend them all together to fit your space. I am not happy until I have given you the space you love with a design that truly enhances your space and your lifestyle!

Angie Kendel is the owner of Maximum Impact Plus. Check out our website at www.maximumimpactplus.com or follow us on facebook, linkedIn , twitter or Instagram.