Build smart from the start

Build smart from the start: incentives for new energy efficient homes

Building a home comes with lots of exciting decisions to make. You get to control every feature of your brand-new sanctuary from flooring to landscaping to paint colours. But before you start picking out countertops, it’s important to consider building decisions that will affect the energy efficiency, comfort and environmental footprint of your home.

While making energy efficient building choices may cost more upfront, you’ll be saving money on your energy bill each month and enjoying a more comfortable, durable home for years to come. Plus, Manitoba Hydro can help with some of these initial costs.

Power Smart for New Homes provides incentives to build energy efficient homes. By constructing a home that’s at least 20 per cent more efficient than comparable homes built to local code requirements, builders or homeowners can qualify for incentives between $1,200 and $12,000.

Power Smart for New Homes is flexible, offering two participation options: the Prescriptive Path and the Performance Path. Through the Prescriptive Path, simply incorporate 10 specific upgrades to receive a $1,200 incentive. The Performance Path, in contrast, provides the opportunity to work with an energy modeler to maximize the efficiency of the home design. The more efficient the home, the higher the incentive.

If you’re a homebuilder or a homeowner acting as a general contractor, it’s important to apply to Power Smart for New Homes in the design phase of your build. Program staff will work with you to ensure your plans qualify for the program and make recommendations to help you get the most out of your project.

For more information, eligibility requirements and how to apply, visit or email