Staff High School game!

Match the staff with the high school they attended! Send your answers to Ron for the chance to win great prizes. Deadline is Wednesday, April 11 at 4:30 pm.

1. Cindy Tomiuk             A. Crocus Plains High School

2. Lucy Hajkowski         B. Elmwood High School

3. Ryan Kline                C. Garden City Collegiate Institute

4. Dan Brooks                 D. Glenlawn Collegiate

5. Joy Stodgell                E. Windsor Park

6. Paula Rufino                F. Vincent Massey Collegiate

7. Hannah Brooks            G. Tec Voc

8. Shaila Wise                  H. Westwood Collegiate

9. Crystal Hollas                I. St James Collegiate

10. Marina James            J. Sisler High School

11. Rosie Kuntz                K. Westwood Collegiate

12. Erika Morier                L. Tec Voc