Crystal's Top 10 Places to Eat/Buy Food

When Crystal is not on the phone patiently explaining some esoteric piece of MLS® regulation to a member or reviewing policy guidelines about anything from grow-ops to chicken coops, she is probably deciding what she wants to eat later. "I can't help it. I just love food." she says. "More than the actual sustenance that it gives you (which is also important, of course), I just appreciate everything surrounding food. The atmosphere of a nice restaurant, the social aspect of being surrounded by friends all enjoying a good meal, the thrill of discovering someplace new and finding a new favourite, it's all wonderful!"

In the first of a new series where staff talk about their favourite things, here are Crystal's Top 10 Places to Eat/Buy Food:

  1. Piazza di Nardi (1360 Taylor Avenue) – some of the best bread, cheese and desserts in the city. Pick some up and head to the number 2 destination. . . 
  2. Assiniboine Park – pack the frisbee, baseball glove and croquet set
  3. Garwood Grill (435 Pembina Highway) – great for a classic bacon and eggs breakfast
  4. The Grove (164 Stafford Street) – cozy pub atmosphere perfect for cold winter nights
  5. Blufish Japanese Restaurant (179 Bannatyne Avenue) – go for the Blue Fish Scallops, stay for the Tuna Tataki
  6. Clay Oven (various locations including 240-1600 Kenaston Blvd) — (pick one) butter chicken and mozzarella naan – yum
  7. Shaw Park (1 Portage Avenue E) – baseball and a great selection of food on a warm summer’s evening
  8. Mon Ami Louis (50 Provencher Blvd) – for great views of the Red River and excellent tartes (think flat bread pizza)
  9. Any steakhouse that serves béarnaise with their filet mignon
  10. The Palm Lounge (222 Broadway) – beautiful room at the Fort Garry Hotel where they know how to mix a great drink and there is live music nightly