Board of Directors Report December 2017

With the end of the year quickly approaching, the 2017 Board of Directors are engaged in several files as they prepare for the transition to the newly acclaimed 2018 Board of Directors.
Following the recommendations of CREA’s legal counsel and WinnipegREALTORS® legal counsel, a decision was made to remove information regarding former grow-ops from SABRE. Please view the article located elsewhere in this edition of the Relator. (
Business partner and supplier member categories were merged to improve access to association products and services. The supplier category was amalgamated into the business partner category where both can utilize marketing tools such as the Winnipeg Real Estate News, the Commercial Magazine, the Condo Lifestyles Magazine, the Relator newsletter and the Roster. 
The governance of association committees received a review with recommended changes such as setting the maximum number of committee members to ten, plus the chair and vice-chair; and volunteers may serve for a maximum of three consecutive years on the same committee. These changes will come into effect in 2019 and will allow for succession and new member representation.
A major focus of the WinnipegREALTORS® Operating Plan involves the evolution of our digital footprint. Staff have advanced a website requirements plan, including the creation of a new association website plus a complete rebuild of the Winnipeg Real Estate News website. These website refresh will provide avenues of revenue for the association and deliver increased resources to the public. A website sub-committee consisting of REN/PR and Technology volunteers will convene approve the project charter. 
The financial responsibilities of the association includes ensuring that existing investments are carefully optimized for the benefit of all members. Association investments were reviewed and a decision was made to stagger savings: 1/3 into Business High Rate Savings, 1/3 into GIC-Best Rate Offers for 12-23 months and the final third into GIC-Best Rate Offers for 24-35 months    . 
The MLS committee continued its ongoing efforts to refine its Winnipeg-area MLS map that accurately reflects the changing neighbourhood landscape, adding Bonavista to the approved list of MLS Winnipeg areas.
Commercial Division
The Commercial Division continues to grow its membership with the approval of six new members in the last two months. There has been a significant increase in interest in CPIX® powered by Catylist and the Commercial Division due to the Winnipeg Free Press article that ran on November 20. (
Research on digital signature providers was presented to the committee, where Repree was considered as an optimum choice due to its ease-of-use and dynamically generated forms. Repree will deliver the proper training, development and on-going support services. Further information will be released in the new year.
The upgrade to Matrix 7.0 was accomplished with minimal disruption to association services and members. Most of the new features revolved around enhancements to the Client Portal, such as responsive design and customizable interfaces. Resulting “glitches” uncovered have been resolved.
Keystone 2.0 was successfully launched with initial reports showing that usage levels are high, with positive engagement from membership. As staff continue to document more resources and populate the committee members area, the value of Keystone will likewise increase. Log into Keystone to discover new resources and information.
The outcome of the 2017 marketing plan was presented to the committee. Generally, outstanding engagement levels were achieved with high impressions on our radio and transit campaign and satisfactory results with the Goldeyes campaign. Recommendations to discontinue the usage of Transit bus advertising and the Goldeyes promotion were brought by the Director of Publications, with a greater focus on social media and radio campaigns. The 2018 marketing plan will have a focus on the value of using a REALTOR® and promotion of the Winnipeg Real Estate News.
New electronic editions of the publications were introduced and are available on the website.
Government Relations
The City of Winnipeg is planning on holding a special forum regarding impact fees. The Government Relations will be sending a request for an invitation to allow members to participate in this forum as representatives of organized real estate.
Member Services
Planning is already underway for social and networking events for 2018.
The always entertaining Gimme Shelter social committee is looking for creative and dynamic volunteers to bring new and innovative ideas to the table. Contribute your imagination and energy to next year’s event. Contact Lucy Hajkowski (
Feedback from the Realtor Reset trade show and conference survey was reviewed. This member assessment will be utilized to improve the event and increase engagement with the membership.
Augment your knowledge base by participating in next year’s crop of Professional Development Programs. Several new Professional Development sessions for January and February were announced, with various topics including the benefits of using the Winnipeg Real Estate News, “forgotten” MLS rules and regulations, Marketing Workshops, Business Success Workshops and going “Beyond Great in Real Estate."
Sales Division Executive Council
The SDEC explored the pros and cons of establishing an anonymous system for gathering complaints from the membership. The purpose of the Investigative Committee is to execute all hearings and ensure legal procedures are followed. WinnipegREALTORS®’ current system for complaints and penalties will be reviewed.