Holiday party do's and don'ts

Holiday party do’s and don’ts

DO let your hair down (except maybe Vern). This is a time to celebrate, to relax, and to socialize with coworkers you may not normally mingle with. Talk to someone who you don’t usually talk to, you may discover a shared passion for collecting teacups. Or something.

DON’T bring up past grievances. Yes, someone accidently forgot their tupperware bowl in the fridge and it started growing tendrils. It was cleaned up and the fridge is usable again. No need to get mad again.

DO talk about something besides work. While yes, member portal profiles and MLS numbers and Mortgage Proposal B-20 Subsection 13 are all topics we love to discuss, it’s a good time to get to know someone and what they’re like outside of work. Go past the “Hi, how was your weekend” stage to the “How did your curling match go” level.

DON’T bring up Trump. Please.

DO bring your manners. It’s a party, we get that. It’s a time to unwind and celebrate. However, you do not want to be the person who told THAT joke within earshot of your coworkers.

DON’T be the grinch. These are your coworkers and you interact with some of them every day, but this doesn’t mean you have to be a party pooper. Everyone is nicer during the holidays, use this chance to create new bonds and help keep WinnipegREALTORS a fun and awesome place to work.