Keeping moms in mind on Mother’s Day


Here’s some random thoughts about the cornerstone of the family.  No, I’m not referring to the TV set. I had mom in mind. As if you hadn’t already guessed.
Things that set mothers apart from the rest of us:
• Mothers go back and give birth again and again. This amazes me. This amazes all men. Even if we were physically able to, men would never go back for another crack at being in painful labour for whatever amount of time it takes. A man would say: “Whoa!  No thank you! Been there. Done that. Didn’t realize what was involved. Bungee jumping? Sure! But, labour again? No way!”
• Mom will listen to the five year old’s one and only “knock-knock” joke over and over again and always be “interested.” Even after the 28th time.
• A mother is like a juggler. She can juggle the jobs of cook, cleaner, executive, barber, taxi driver, banker, nurse, advisor, entertainer, teacher, and a few others, all at the same time, if necessary.   Clever.
• Mom will patiently continue to put peas and broccoli on the kids plates  in the hope that someday they will try them.   “Just try them.”
The rest of us would have given up in despair long ago.
• Mothers can tolerate that incessant grocery-shopping-cart whining better than any other living person, such as: “Mom, can we get cookies?  I want this. I want that.  Can we get toys later?  I want ice cream. I dropped my doll. I’m tired. Can I have gum?”
• Mom is actually starting to like  Bubble Guppies on TV. Go figure.
• Mothers have ESP. They know everything kids are doing, before, during and after. Amazing!
• Mom can  make a  magic  pudding that will actually cure a sick kid. There should be a Nobel prize for that recipe. 
• Mom never gets sick. Must be sneaking chicken soup on the side.
• A  mother can remove a splinter better than any emergency room personnel.  
• Mom never runs out of hands as she changes a diaper, mends a broken toy,  and wipes a runny nose, all at the same time.
•  A mother’s love knows no limits.
Mind you, a mother’s love is often put to the test. Her life being such a mixed bag of assorted ups and downs. Here’s an example. See if you recognize the woman in this little story.
A  Mother’s Day
She flopped down on the couch and heaved a great sigh of relief. She was tired. So tired, she wondered if she could face another day. All three of them had been like little hellions from the moment they awoke until they finally went to sleep — five minutes ago. 
All day, they fought over toys, food, books, games, TV.  Everything! She was surprised they didn’t fight over what to fight over next. They had each worn three separate outfits that day and the washing machine was running in over-drive, again. How could they get so dirty?  Twice that day she had to search the neighbourhood for them in order to bring them home to meals they didn’t like and wouldn’t eat without a full hour of cajoling and threats. 
But now, finally, they had apparently fallen asleep. She rested for a moment, wondering if it was all worth it. Then she got up and went into the bathroom to remove the messy remains of the nightly bath routine. And then she picked them up: three pairs of small, worn, canvas shoes. Laces broken, soles thin and all three dirtier than ever before. She looked at them for a moment and shook her head. Then her eyes started to fill with tears and a smile slowly crept over her face as a great overwhelming mother’s love swept over her. She silently crept up the stairs to cover them one more time and give them a goodnight kiss as they slept.
And that’s what mom is all about.