QR codes installed at hall of fame site


Citizens Hall of Fame Chair Rick Preston has announced that individualized QR (quick response) codes have been installed on each pedestal of the inductees in Assiniboine Park. 
There is also a bronze QR code on the main entrance granite piece.
By using a QR Reader application on a smart phone, visitors to the hall of fame site will be taken directly to winnipegfame.ca
“Our inductees are very accomplished and distinguished citizens, so to try and describe what they have contributed to our city on a small plaque is impossible,” said Preston. “With QR codes on each inductee pedestal, you can now pull up on your smart phone or tablet the Web page dedicated to each inductee. 
“There are also links on many of these inductee Web pages to organizations and causes they have been prominent in if not responsible for their initial establishment and success,” he added.
The QR code is a two-dimensional symbol that stores far more information than normal bar codes. Free QR reader apps are available for download on your smart phone or tablet. 
The newly-installed QR codes can be found just underneath the existing bronze plaques for each inductee. The plaques measure 1.5-inches square and are made of a porcelain-enameled bronze. They were designed to mesh this current technology with the classic look of the stone and bronze that was already in place.
Installing the QR codes is a way to facilitate and encourage tours. The guides will now have key information on the program and inductees at their fingertips, enabling them to respond to any questions that may arise. 
Not all of the 38 inductees are household names. Visitors may want to know what these inductees did to be recognized in such a unique program, which permanently recognizes inductees with a bronze portraiture that is placed in a terrific setting in Assiniboine Park (southeast corner off Corydon Avenue). 
Whether it is Terry Fox, Nellie McClung, former Mayor Bill Norrie, Carol Shields, Israel Asper or Leo Mol,  while standing in front of  the likenesses of these outstanding citizens,  more information is only a click away.
Established in 1986 by WinnipegREALTORS®, the Citizens Hall of Fame honours outstanding citizens who brought recognition to our city or have made outstanding contributions to Winnipeg’s quality of life.