Creating the perfect look for warm and inviting spaces

The winter months are a great time to spend time with family and friends. Make the most of this cosy season by creating warm and inviting living spaces perfect for those winter nights.

Bring in warmth and brightness — Start by using cheery accent colours, a bright pop of red or patterns in each room to perk up dark winter days. Place mirrors strategically to reflect light from your windows and maximize the winter light. Layer thick curtains on your windows for added insulation and warmth at night, but use bright colours to add pops of cheer to each room.

Layer fabrics in each room — The quickest way to give each room a winter update is to add seasonal fabrics. Think about layering for warmth, colour and coziness. Try smaller blankets on beds, seat covers on dining chairs, tablecloths, area rugs in each room, throw pillows and even new towels for your bathroom.

When choosing fabrics, think warm and textured. Choose knit or cashmere throws, velvet or faux fur pillows, sheepskin rugs or plush chair covers. Even while dining, add warmth and cheer to your décor with washable fabric napkins and placemats.

Try sharp accents or natural elements — Bring some winter sparkle indoors. Mimic the glitter of sun on snow with a crystal vase in your window. A display of white dishware and silver utensils adds wintery appeal.

Bring some of the outdoors inside with fresh pine branches to decorate your table. Add a few branches from colourful bushes like the bright red stems of dogwood. Even dried berries remaining on bushes, birch bark branches, empty milkweed pods, or a few smooth stones from a nearby forest can bring a rustic and textured natural element indoors.

Create a little nook — Every room can use a little space or corner dedicated to snuggling into something warm. Put together an area with blankets and pillows next to your family room fireplace. Do you have a large bay window? Create a window seat with fluffy cushions and books. Dedicate a corner spot in your bedroom with a chair, pillows and nightlight for winter reading.

Pull in the scents — Make your winter décor a multisensory experience. Bring in seasonal scents for classic warmth, freshness and a hint of spice. Think of cinnamon, pine needles, evergreen, cranberry or gingerbread scented potpourri, essential oils or scented candles.

Place your scent experiences in strategic locations: On your kitchen tabletop, living room mantel, in your dining room, on bedside tables, by the couch in your family room, or as a cheery scented welcome to your front entryway.

Add a touch of whimsy — Do memories of winters past stir up nostalgia for you? Bring those cherished moments into your winter décor. Use old leather skates, snowshoes, skis, wooden toboggans, and painted pine cone garlands as fun accents throughout your home.

Functional items can be décor too! Think of old tin Christmas cookie cutters, wooden rolling pins, and even hanging a family quilt on your wall — each item can bring in vintage charm.

Entertain in every room — Winter means more time indoors, so have every room ready for entertainment. Set up a hot chocolate station in the kitchen with marshmallows, hot chocolate mix, mugs  and a few cookies ready to go. Keep your crockpot running with soup on hand for a last minute lunch or dinner with friends.

Put together a s’mores basket by the fireplace with tin foil, graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows. Don’t forget popcorn or chestnuts with a heavy pot to roast over the fire!

Keep your family room stocked with movies, board games and blankets. Have books on hand for winter reading in your bedroom.

And at your entryway, keep skates and snowshoes available for some outside fun.

— Smartmoves, Canada Post