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Four ways to spruce up your cottage
May 04, 2018

If you're on the hunt for easy ways to spruce up your cottage this season, look no further than a single can of paint. Try some of these simple, inexpensive paint projects to freshen up inside your second home after a long winter hibernation.

Refresh trim and mantel

Instead of breaking the bank by repainting every wall, try making a room feel brand new by painting the window trim or the mantel. These accent areas are typically the visual foundation for a room, so it's easy to change the look simply by refreshing them with a crisp bold colour or a fresh, clean white. Revamping these details can have a significant impact on any space.

Paint your ceiling

If your cottage already has a fresh coat of paint, then look to other areas that could use a touch-up, such as the ceilings. Prepare your room by removing overhead lighting and taping the walls with Painter's Mate Green for clean, professional results. Pro tip: use a roller with an extended reach to ease the process.

When repainting the ceiling, don't be afraid to add a fun hue to make it stand out. Whether dramatic or subtle, adding colour to the fifth wall can alter the geometry of a room, tricking the eye and changing the feel of a space. This trendy trick will modernize your space.

Update a piece of furniture

Elevate your living area by incorporating new textures and daring colours. Paint is a fast and easy way to add jewel tones to your décor without investing in new furnishings. Often, these wow-factor tones are associated with a more luxe style of interior. But vivid colours can be a part of any decor. Try painting your coffee or side table a bright blue or rich velvet red.

Revive the outdoors

Another way to add more flair to your cottage is to create a pattern on the floor of your deck, like a nested square pattern for example. This bold design adds drama to otherwise plain decking and is sure to help you enjoy your outside space even more.